Orsted (ORSTED.CO)

I spotted the news about the contact in the US and it was one of the reasons I jumped on. That plus I needed a place to put some money I’d just taken from Argo Blockchain (with a 60% loss).

Orsted looks as though it’s dropped quite a lot from previous highs but from what I know, it’s the market leader and there’s a hell of a lot of growth still ahead especially in the USA’s grossly underdeveloped offshore wind sector.

Do you get to work offshore? That looks like an absolutely fantastic job to have.

Orsted is about 6.3% of INRG and 1% of IESG, both of which are on Freetrade. Not sure which other etfs hold it - @finki will probably know!

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Sounds like a plan and can’t go wrong with Orsted in the long run. The shift they made from DONG energy oil & gas into renewables is market leading.

Yeah I work offshore and have been on a good few Orsted sites. You also get to take some quality pictures every so often and I’m lucky to call this my office…


Pff… never trust an energy company that’s never set the Gulf Of Mexico on fire.

Is Orsted still 51% owned by the Danish government? I’m a huge fan of state capitalism like that, as opposed to the regime in the UK which just sells off the nation’s family silver to the chummiest bidder for short term gain.

Fantastic picture - don’t drop your camera!


Haha…I’m not too sure I know it was mainly state owned when it was DONG Energy but not too sure what stake they have now.

Sound advice and don’t want to drop anything from this height! :grimacing:

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Website says 50.1% Danish state (haven’t read the note in the financial statements :slight_smile: )

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The German state of Lower Saxony holds an 11.8% stake in Volkswagen.

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Ah thanks! Well I see that as a sign of a good future.

Stop stop… you’re just reminding me how bad the UK government is.

That 11.8% stake comes with 20% of the voting rights via the original VW 1960 privatisation - enough for them to veto major decisions such as plant closures.

They certainly have enough of a plan for me to have invested a fair sum ( not advice :wink: ). Maybe one day I even could even buy them on Freetrade …

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