Our first Open Banking integration is here

I’ve topped up my account yesterday for the first time since June and I like the new integration, definitely an improvement from having to manually send money through. However next step needs to be instant transfer, which I’m sure you are working towards.


Thanks for the response. I almost made a manual transfer but was checking the reference code when I realised you were using open banking. Maybe not an issue for new users but something you could advertise or remind people about.


It is a shame it makes you select the bank each time and doesn’t remember

Mine remembers, maybe that’s a bug on your side.

Oh I did think it was odd, anyone else doesn’t have it remember?

Hey @timeinthemarket - just to confirm; your provider selection should be saved when you’ve made a successful payment so that the flow is shorter for future deposits. Please could you DM me with your Freetrade email address so we can look into this for you?

I just used Open Banking for one of my largest deposits to Freetrade :slight_smile: (relax, we’re talking double digits!). I would have used Google Pay to make sure that it went through instantly but unfortunately that wouldn’t work - even after 4 attempts.

At least now I have a good idea of how long Open Banking is going to take next time I use it. I’ll edit this post when the transaction is completed in case anyone else is wondering :slight_smile:

Sent from Monzo - Monday 15:16 , Received in Freetrade: 16:27

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I’d be interested to know the process behind the scenes of how the funds get allocated - both my Open Banking deposits went live within 15 minutes, but I see a lot of others take much longer.

I wonder if someone is manually having to process batches, or whether there is some automation to it (hopefully the latter!)