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Stock Price: $10.15
Market Cap: $1.4 billion
Enterprise Value: $1.07 billion

Owlet Baby Care aka $SBG is building the premier baby-tech company with the connected nursery and digital parenting platform as part of the larger ecosystem. Just like Peloton is building a hardware/software/subscription ecosystem for fitness — Owlet is doing the same thing for parents and caretakers.

Owlet that is providing the products and services to make the parents job a little easier and less chaotic. Owlet has a huge lead on other baby-tech companies with their world-class design and engineering team plus years of gathering and analyzing data. They already have 1+ million customers and with the brand loyalty they have developed it now gives them the platform they need to launch new products and expand the ecosystem thus creating more LTV (lifetime value) from each customer.


Owlet is now on their 3rd generation smart sock and they nailed it. There were some flaws with Gen 1 and Gen 2 of the smart sock but the company has dramatically improved all aspects of the smart sock and the reviews are outstanding. I watched numerous YouTube reviews and read plenty of Mommy blogs to see what actual consumers were saying and they all love the newest smart sock with it’s accuracy to measure the babies vitals like heart rate and oxygen levels, the distance allowed between sock/base and the wireless charging capabilities.


Obviously there are other baby monitors on the market but Owlet does have one of the highest rated ones plus it’s been proven with other brands like Apple, Peloton, etc that consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that part of the same ecosystem and therefore work flawlessly together. Owlet is on a mission to build the highest-quality suite of baby-tech products for parents and as they continue to launch new products it will be imperative for parents to just stick with one brand so all of their data is in one place.


This is Owlet’s newest product and I think it could be huge — it’s already won a few awards in the wearables category and for good reason. To be honest there is limited information on the product at this time, which you can see from their website [click here] but knowing how anxious pregnant women feel about the health of their unborn baby I have to believe there’s a massive opportunity here for Owlet to capitalize on.

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This stock is $SBG. It’s really gonna blow!