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Interesting tidbit I found, Ginkgo use ONTs sequencers. I found no mention of Pacific Biosciences providing them machines so that speakers volumes to me. Also seems like a good pick/shovels way to play Gingko and synthetic biology without having to pay their $15b valuation and deal with their strange business model.


News relating to the recent increase:

[ONT] increased guidance for the core Life Science Research Tools (LSRT) unit after strong growth.

The company now expects constant currency growth between 60 per cent and 70 per cent at the unit in 2021. This is a considerable increase from its previous expectation of growth between 30 per cent and 40 per cent.

Drivers of growth included continued demand for the group’s products for sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The firm also experienced increased demand for products “for large-scale human genomics programmes and the addition of new customers across other areas of genomics research.”

The fresh guidance excludes expansion plans and it does not cover any activities in a large-scale human genomics programme in the UAE.

Oxford Nanopore said it “remains in discussions with the UAE customer at this time and anticipates that a new contract, if any, would result in revenues primarily after 2021.”

The LSRT unit delivered revenue of £65.5m in FY20.

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ARK piece on Gingko had some interesting things to say on ONT, suggesting they will stay a long-term customer.

Ginkgo’s sequencing cluster makes extensive use of long-read sequencing (LRS) technologies from both Pacific Biosciences (PACB) and Oxford Nanopore (ONT.L). Why?

The vast majority of sequence data in open-source repositories was generated using Illumina (ILMN) short-read sequencing (SRS). However, many microbial genomes ( e.g., bacteria) are highly repetitive and are composed of numerous tandem repeat elements — these are notoriously difficult to analyze with SRS technology. By incorporating both flavors of LRS, Ginkgo can generate higher quality, more complete genome assemblies spanning many of the hardest-to-sequence organisms.

LRS platforms are tremendous at analyzing RNA isoforms, going far beyond what SRS-derived gene expression data can yield. Extending this, we think Oxford Nanopore’s technology is great at capturing native epigenetic information, assembling bacterial genomes, and linking the behavior of regulatory elements such as distal enhancers and promoters. Meanwhile, PacBio’s accuracy can be leveraged to faithfully reconstruct diploid ( e.g., mammalian) genomes, assess viral vectors, capture ultra-low-frequency mutations, and sequence through complex alleles.