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#pltr is open, anyone got in early doors?

Got an error message Palantir buy syncing.

Keep trying. I just got an order through

Seems like is being pumped before a dump. Be aware if you’re holding long. Might have some way to go a la Snowflake

Thanks Alex. Just got in with the third of what I was budgeted to go in with, probably average down if it is pump and dump

I got in at $10.27 but even that is a little on the high side I feel.

Depends. Could go up really high if you go by other recent IPOs.

Company wasn’t close to profitable last year but they have a product with high barrier to entry imo, very few direct competitors for government and military contracts that they’ve secured.

Average customer is worth in excess of $5.5m.

I think it has to be a long term play rather than a pump and dump sell the hype.

No doubt the company will spread its strong hold on other countries via US government trade deals, possibly aimed at keeping the data away from China.

Yep I think it’s a good long term play. Good moat if you want to use Buffett terminology.

Also is in a market area that most corporations will be scared to venture in due to reputational issues.

Thiel likes his companies to monopolise their market sector.

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I read in couple of articles that there is a lock-in period for Palantir stocks. Anyone knows how long is the lock-in period? Thanks

Maybe if you’re an employee. But it’s trading, so not if you buy now.


I’ve read that it’s after 31 December.

It is still relevant to new investors because there could potentially be a lot of selling on the day as insiders take profits, so in theory there may be a significant drop

My honest view is that I’m struggling to see how the company can control who does what with the shares they have purchased, after all it is a public stock market with usual supply & demand principals.

It’s fairly common practice for Insiders to be unable to sell until after a lock in period. not sure how it’s enforced, but I’m sure there must be some legal basis for it

Their shares were presumably held by a nominee or something before the IPO, maybe the nominee won’t allow them to sell before the lock in ends.

I’ve heard the term ‘unvested’ used before? …but tbh never fully understood what it mean’t!

Finally back in the green


This is doing very nicely - up 67% for me.


same. Such a a lovely long term hold

Just hit £20. It’s a meme stock at this point but no idea when it might slow down.