Palantir - PLTR - Share Chat

I thought Demo day was on the 26th?

Edit: I could of confused this with apple earnings

No you are right it is on 26th…I think they gave further details on the content of the day.

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Exciting week ahead then :crossed_fingers:

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Looks like wallstreetbets have got this one in their sights for some reason. Don’t ask me to explain that place - it makes no sense

They have been doing so since the IPO when the SP was $10.

In fact the one they are next rooting/pumping is BlackBerry.

I saw that blackberry one, I don’t get it but they seem to have a critical mass of day traders to move these stocks dangerously fast.

Very happy to welcome another company to my family of 100%er’s :partying_face:


PLTR has actually has a lot more fundamentals than GME and BB :wink: but too the moon!


Earnings on Tuesday, I’ve got a very good feeling about this.

Some serious rumours flying about surrounding a large deal with AT&T that could be worth $100m+ too.


Thats awesome! Share your £ gain p*** here (as in a screenshot of your gains --I already have a late stage FOMO about PLTR).

Premarket isn’t filling me with confidence around Q4 earnings

Reports are already out. Earnings are up, but overall below forecast in overall growth.

High level summary here

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At one point the stock was down, 11% according to this article.

I’m thinking about buying the dip


Be aware that the “lockup” period since the IPO expires later this week. 80% of the company shares that weren’t allowed to be traded since the IPO can be traded from this point.

Might see a lot of early investors start cashing in considering its up close to 200% since listing.

Cathie Woods got 1.5m shares yesterday for ARK. It’s already up from yesterday.


There is a big dip already. Does that not mean it’s already built in?

How can you build in whether people who haven’t been able to sell their shares, which are now at a big profit, want to sell or not?

In the news the dip was because of quarterly earnings being lower than expected but yes it could have been compounded with the fear of a sell off.

Hard to know, I definitely don’t know. But was just making sure you are aware of it. All about your own attitude to risk whether you think it’s enough of a drop or you want to wait till tomorrow when the lock up period ends to see if there is any further drop or not.

Everything that is public knowledge is already built in.

So yes, the end of the share lockup tomorrow for Palantir is already built in the price.
However this does not mean it’s either good or bad.

If the expectation is 75% of the freed up share are dumped, but it only ends up being 50%, then it will have a positive impact on the price, and vice versa

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Seems like this is the new reddit darling replacing GME.

This was the meme stock through November but it stalled a bit. I have bought the dip though so maybe this time.