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No, if sold you wouldn’t be able to buy them back until the problem has been fixed.

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Thanks. It just crossed my mind idly.

Hope it’s soon resolved.

It’s saying upgrade now on the buy button on my isa does this mean we can buy again, I’m currently paying £3 pm for my isa.

I think it must be bugged. Tells me i can upgrade to buy it too. I’m already on plus sub.

Or matye it’s an upgrade that’s coming, as when i click on upgrade to buy, it does recognise i am on plus but offers no other option to buy shares.

Thanks for flagging. Has anyone heard from Freetrade HQ about why this glitch is occurring?

it tells me too upgrade to, I would be highly annoyed if I upgraded and still couldn’t buy

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Certainly is annoying. But I have heard from Freetrade HQ. Apparently there was a glitch during the upgrade.

And they also mentioned that the stock had been removed ‘due to technical reasons relating to taxation’. They are working to have it reinstated.

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Can’t buy or sell today. Is there still a bug in the system?