Partial Sale of ETF and CGT

Do you know if I could sale a part of my ETF investment rather than full, e.g out of £10K in Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, I want to sell £2K worth of ETF. Is it possible?
If it is, how will the cost of the investment be calculated for Capita Gain Tax on this? (On GIA account)

Yes of course, if you click sell you can type in how many whole shares to sell (UK).

CGT is on what you sold for minus what you paid. If its well below 12k profit don’t worry about it, but if its close you’ll have to file.


You have to file any capital gain.

Capital gains could be due on your holding in a GIA. ETF’s are treated different depending on what they hold. Details here —>

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That’s not correct. If you’re below the tax threshold you don’t need to do anything.


After doing some digging on the HMRC website I can see that you are correct. But there is one sernario in which you would have to report it even though it is below the CGT allowance.

  1. If you need to fill in a Tax return
  2. If you sold the asset for 4 times the CGT allowance.

Both of the above need to apply.

I know this sounds a bit strange but I guess it’s if you filed a loss the year before.

Anyway thanks for bringing this to my attention.