Payments made counter

(Joe) #1

I think that it would be a great idea to have a “Payments Made” counter somewhere in the app. This would allow us to see how much money we’ve actually put in to our account from deposits.

This means we can more easily see how much profit/loss we have from our own deposits. I know that I can go through activity and total my “Top ups” but having a total would be much easier for users to gauge their performance.

I have attached an example below. This came from one of my friends who uses an investment fund type thing. It made me realise Freetrade doesn’t have that currently and it would be a nice feature to have.


It’s likely that Freetrade will also have one for their ISA (when that’s released) to show the £20k max allowance and payments made into the ISA.

Or do you mean have this counter for the regular Freetrade account too? I don’t believe there’s a max allowance for a regular account.

(Joe) #4

For the ISA when that is released then yes I also assume they will add it then so you know when you’ve hit your allowance.

But also I think it should be added for the regular account. This means when you view your portfolio value, you could check your payments made counter to see how much of it is your own money that you’ve deposited and how much is “profit/loss”.

(Tim Drew) #5

@Fulforce interesting idea, I agree it would make it easier to determine overall portfolio performance.

“Payments Made” suggests it would only involve account top ups, would it be preferable to have something like “Capital Invested” which might be the net value of both top ups and withdrawals?

(Joe) #6

@timdrew Yes I was thinking that this morning. I should have written it more as like you’ve said.

So “Top Ups - Withdrawals = Capital Invested” . Then users can see this Capital Invested total and can check their overall portfolio value to easily determine how much of the portfolio is “their money” and how much is “stock performance profit/loss”.

(Tim Drew) #7

Ok cool, sounds like we’re on the same page :+1:

I know that internally we’re already looking at improving the experience around portfolio performance. I’ll take your idea to the team and see if/how it fits into the bigger picture for what we have planned, thanks for the feedback!