Pending order since Friday morning

I placed an order on Friday morning (5th February) and it is still queued.
I tried to chat with somebody twice via app but I did not receive any reply. I understand waiting for a while but now it’s been 48h both for the order and the technical support.
I also have the PLUS version, pretty useless.

Hi Dario
Unfortunately customer support have been struggling with the surge in demand of new users driven by the GameStop craze. It’s taking an unusually long time for them to respond to queries. For an issue like this they can only sort this out in the app so I’m sorry to have to advise that you wait for a response to your chat. The usual wait times are very quick and they have just been caught of guard with so many new members


Hi Dario,

Sorry for the delay and having to wait over 48 hrs for a response on your pending order delay, we’re super busy right now after a surge in new customers, but are making good progress in catching up.

Can you try to delete and reinstall your app first?

If that doesn’t work could you please send us an email at as we can’t access your customer information here, and we’ll check it out?

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Hi Doyin,

just sent an email.
Thank you for your help!

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