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I have traded on the Stock Market and still learning. In the future I want to move my past pension pots into one account, hopefully this will be the one. I also have an existing ISA Account that I would move to this account also and just putting in money (saving) also as an investment opportunity. The money put in this account would be an investment because I would then buy shares and also do some trading to boost my money in this account. Will this be achievable in this account?

Hi @StevieG1

Before making an financial decisions you need to be sure that you’re making the right decisions and have all the information you need.

Have a read through this first

The freetrade platform will enable you to have the cash from all of your old pensions in one place and then you make the investment decisions that best suit your risk tolerance & financial goals.

Hi Neil B,

Already signed up to Freetrade. Thanks for the information.




When did you open your account @StevieG1