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Ha to be fair I thought you were just trying to pump your Patron subscription on the thread earlier but you’ve not linked it here, so fair.

The analysis post is definitely welcome - I’d sooner read a few of these opinions than the influx of people posting diamond and ape emojis recently.


Cheers pal. I think i done a boo boo by not saying that i’m short on the stock. Ive learnt that declaring my position is required for any posts in the future.


Thanks for this. I invested in them (not a lot) and noticed the oddity in the way they declare customers. The big takeaway I got from that report and the numbers on their website was that the company is growing exponentially. If they continue with exponential growth then they will be massive in a fairly short amount of time.

Pandemic and job losses probably play in pension bees favour as well. Means there are more pensions that need consolidating.

I’m in it at £1.82 (probably should have waited a few weeks - maybe 40 shares…) just based on the exponential growth. The company’s fairly new, I like the vibes I get from the website and management.

Did not do the numbers you’ve done above, if I had I wouldn’t have invested at the price I have. That said I don’t think it will be a loss and I plan to hold it and add to it (might re think that) for a long time.

The risk factors I found interesting and it makes pension bee seem more like a sales platform than an investment vehicle (imho) and I wonder what tech they have that’s proprietary. Is it just the app and logo? There’s not much IP in a database and a MVC type app (I’m arguing that anyone can do it)

As I said it’s the exponential growth that won me over but that seems to already be priced in for a while (from your numbers above)


True pal. Long term i think PB is good and if the price enters a territory of ‘value’ then i will buy, but i do believe that it’s got a 30%-45% decline in its path. The company has also been losing on avg around £3.3m per year for the last 3 years. The key with PB is its AUA, at its current growth i predict AUA could hit £10bn in around 3 to 4 years, i have roughly worked it out that If PBs AUA reaches £10bn, their revenue will roughly hit £70m, this would provide a rough profit of around £10m-£20m (minimum). Lets look at the £10m profit barrier, if PBs stock trades at 50x its £10m earnings (big ratio, still bubble territory) then PBs mkt cap would hit around £500m, that converts into a share price of £2.26p. Value is there but i think long term, around 3 to 5 years.

I am, but to be honest not much to do on their app.

I couldn’t believe the market cap these guys listed at, when I first heard about them I thought they would be a £20-50m cap, for them to be valued at nearly 10x this level is just bizarre. What are the barriers to entry in pension consolidation? Even at a quarter of the current market cap they would seem expensive to me. 100%+ growth on a few million revenue is easy, it’ll start slowing once they go past £10m and then what? I don’t short but it would be a prime candidate if I did!


I’m not saying it is a good share to invest in but the platform is very good with excellent customer service. I do think it will grow a lot as it is the perfect place for those not wanting a SIPP but a better visual on their pension pot. :+1:

On the value per share I don’t have a clue so definitely not a recommendation to invest in them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good result for Pension Bee in the first update post IPO

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