This is just going to get older and older! they want to work you to death and unless you have a really healthy private pension you will never be able to retire

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I’m in my late twenties. I make decisions on the basis there will be no state pension by the time I am in my 60s


Plus no NHS

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At first this comment I am writing seems irrelevant but by the end of the sentence, really think for a moment -

In 1996 I’d listen to an unknown band called blink 182. Tickets £11.50 in late 90’s / early 00’s. By 2004 they peaked out (for the mainstream crowd).

Now in 2022 they’ve rejoined as an original member came back in and tickets are around £100. A 10X increase for having your own thing which can be deployed later on in life.

Key words - your own thing.

Instead of a state pension, having the rights to something which you can later increase prices in is significantly more secure than relying on a government which only truly cares about the top 6% of its population.

To all younger people reading, do not rely at all on the state pension.

I too have made all my calculations without the state pension. I don’t trust it to be funded, which is a real shame.