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Does anyone know when we will get the dividend from Persimmon?

No dividend is currently due. Last one was paid on 8th July. :+1:

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The next one is expected 30/03/23.

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I think the next dividend is due to be paid on 30 March 2023.

Thanks, Alex. I bought some shares in last few months but after July 2022. Assuming based on the response, I will need to hold these shares till March next year for dividend.

Their next Trading Update is on November 8th. I guess they may give an indication at that point of how much the Dividend will be. I fear it won’t be as much as the July payout.

Amateur in ester, this is my biggest holding £5k.
Bought all when PSN were between £27 - £30 per share.

Will this bounce back?
I’m long term… Holding these and adding to my portfolio every month modestly (£250pm)
And plan to cash out when I retire (21 years from now)

Suggest I hold? Or sell and take the £2k I’m left with from my original £5k?

(Figures are rounded but close)

It’s not the first time it’s hit £30 and probably won’t be the last.

The question is why would you sell?

Has the business changed? Has something fundamental in how they operate changed which means you think they’re no longer viable?


Will it bounce back ? Do people need homes ?

As per previous poster ,IMO nothing has changed about the company , it’s reactionary. Short term there will be turbulence but IMO it’s not hard to see that this will get worse before it gets better (the general market situation) and there is a logical conclusion to how this plays out.

Government will try to make it to the weekend.

To quote an old film;

“Potter isn’t selling. Potter’s buying, and why? Because we’re panicky and he’s not. That’s why. He’s picking up some bargains.”

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Morning fellow Freetraders!
Just in case you didn’t know the Chairman bought 254k worth of stock on Friday.
Shows real confidence in the business model.


Likely shows they have an upcoming contract… :grin:

Oh dear another interest rate rise, fully expected ofc.

There’s a trading update on the 8th, hopefully we will have some good news.

Shall we take bets on the dividend? I’m thinking about 1.50 next year which would still be a decent return.

This is a long term hold for me, keep calm and average down

Anyone know why the large bump this afternoon ? I know the drop was related to them saying sales demand falling and forecasting lower prices.

Probably due to the cutting of divvi payments next year… To ensure there is the cash to keep afloat.

Ah right , so (and you’ll guess I’m a bit of a novice at this) the price has likely increased because the previous dividend was seen as not sustainable given what the market was looking like for houses, but a presumably much lower dividend is going to be healthier.

Long term I figure people will always buy housing and in the U.K. owning your own home will remain the aspirational thing for many even as prices increase.

I think it’s more to do with the events in the US. The US rate of inflation was lower than expected, therefore they may not need to increase interest rates as much as previously thought, therefore mortgages not as expensive.

And where the US leads…


Mortgages are also starting to come down which should help. And every day there’s a different person talking about house prices and where they will drop, and today’s ones are a bit more encouraging.

You heard it here first. The uk government have just announced the tax free dividend allowance will be cut to 1k and capital gains to 6k!
I wonder how this will affect companies dividend strategies.
I know you can put them in an ISA but with the value of my shares it was a hassle I wanted to avoid

Did i understand correctly that psn have stopped dividend payments until further notice? Was supposed to go ex on the 15th dec.

Unfortunately that’s true, it seems that the ex-dividend is now in June 2023 although it depends on whether they actually push through with that dividend. The March 2023 payment is definitely off.