Persimmon - PSN

(Marco) #1


I think this stock is already available to purchase?

(Marco) #3

Yes it is but careful to buy now…can drop more this week…….I think the real estate market will fall further until we pass the Brexit date and maybe further…


I bought PSN at £19.10 and sold for £23.55. I had 100 shares so made a few hundred pounds doing so.

If the price of these house builders came down I’d buy in purely for the dividend income. Right now, I don’t think the price is low enough that I would buy back in but I’ll keep watching.

(Ryan) #5

I looked into some housebuilders a couple of months back, including Persimmon.

I don’t have enough knowledge of the housebuilding cycle to confidently invest, but it seems we are coming towards the end of the cycle as house building has been slowly down? Especially with the uncertainty with Brexit - could demand for housing go down if people relocate to other countries? Who knows!

Nice one @PigeonStrangler for making a good profit :muscle: