Persistent duplicate emails

Hopefully an easy fix. Can someone look to see why outbound emails are sent twice to users?

It’s starting to get annoying.

Can confirm I’ve been getting duplicates, wasn’t sure if others were experiencing the same though.

I’m sorry that you’ve been receiving duplicate emails from us. This can happen occasionally but it’s easy for us to stop it from happening again, once you let us know.

Could you please drop us a message in the app so that we can get this sorted for you.

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I was getting the duplicate message. Earlier in the week I sent a message in app about it, and it was solved by the next mailing as @Freetrade_Team1 says it should. So I can confirm mentioning it in app can fix the issue.

I’m wondering if it would be better to go through and deduplicate all of the emails as a single process to prevent it happening for everyone? Granted that won’t work where the duplicates are due to multiple email addresses.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve done this but unfortunately the process isn’t as future proof as we’d like.

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