Petrobrasil PBR

Got mine to. I had to switch back to my gia though as i held them on ex date in there. Then sold and rebought in isa.

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Yes Shaun, I have been holding PBR for over 6 months. Received the last dividends but not January payout… Contacted support and they said that Freetrade have not received my dividends from DriveWealth. That’s strange

Blimey thats odd… mine came through

I got the same message that they have not received my January dividend. Very strange too

Surely nothing to do with pbr themselves ? Was going to buy back in but a bit worried now… blimey i must the most unlucky person on here with whats going on with tm1 as well…

I haven’t received it neither :man_shrugging:

I received the first half around 4th January, in two transactions one of 0.43 and anotherof 0.19, but the second one, no yet, hopefully it will come soon as its very strange that some of you have received it while others no…

This start to be annoying

They just came :partying_face:

Yes, today I received mine too… must have been a long delay for many.

Do PBR and PBRA have the same ExDiv and payment dates as each other?

I believe they do yes… but someone else might want to conffirm that.

Any news why the div is now at 10/11%?


Not sure either. I can only think politics and /or new ceo and future plans ? I was going to buy back in but havent seen it so low. That said all my positions are in the red today anyway. I wonder if there are plans to reduce/cut dividends ?

Dividend yield=(today’s share price)/(12 months dividend)

If share price decrease, yield increases.

Before was in the 60’s%

Well I’ve read on yahoo finance that they will retain 0.50 cents from the dividend to build a “reserve”, now that looks no way close as reason why they went from 68% to 11%.
Of course it couldn’t stay forever at 68%, but seem strange the 11% as it will be a cut of 80% of the dividend, for instance yahoo finance says 70% as the price dropped.

Next div could be 1.17$ could some one confirm it? With or without the 0.5 cent “reserve”?

Wow 80% div reduction, that may well explain the sharp SP drop. Might be a good time for long term investers to buy in as things could change again in the future, but those of us who want high yield divs then i guess we need to look elsewhere (yes, 11%is actually high but there are higher options)

Theres is a problem i guess, normally div% is yearly calculated (i think this 11% reflect only the next one), now i dont think they will retain 0.5 cents for all the year, to build up the “reserve” but i guess it will be a one time “event”, to keep calm Lula.

Have a look at yahoo finance comments on Pbr
That’s a very active chat

76% withholding tax? Jesus …

To be fair most of the time they paid the same dividend in two transaction, and only in one of them there will be the withholding taxation