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Apparently we don’t have a Pfizer thread…?

Any holders?

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Yeah been watching for a couple months and decided to buy the other day whilst in sale. Off the top of my head they’ve 8 different multi-billion $$ drugs And have recently purchased a Biopharma company.

I don’t if Pfizer is a high quality company (I have to look through the fundamentals), but that 55% discount to fair value is a nice starting point to an analysis.

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What’s everyone’s throughts on Pfizer in this time where pharmaceutical companies are working hard to find a vaccine for coronavirus.

I found this article below stating that Pfizer is in a late stage of testing of a vaccine

Buying opportunity?



Promising news :slight_smile:

From the NYT article:

If the results hold up, that level of protection would put it on par with highly effective childhood vaccines for diseases such as measles.

Dr. Jansen said that because the trial is continuing, an independent board reviewing the data has not told her or other company executives other details, such as how many of the people developed mild versus more severe forms of Covid-19 — crucial information that the F.D.A. has said it will need to evaluate any coronavirus vaccine.

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Premarket reacting like Coronavirus just got cancelled.


Premarket & Indexs are going to the moon today :rocket:


Today is going to be a very very good day :partying_face:

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They’re not going to make any profit on it though. Why should the market react for Pfizer specifically? Vaccines in general don’t contribute much to pharma giants’ profit.
It’s funny how they phrase the message given that they only ran the testing phase, but the vaccine was developed exclusively by a smaller biotech company.
But great news in general :smile:

Long way to go even if it is actual good news, rolling it out will take years.

Pfizer on Corona Vaccine?
Correctly called this one about a couple of weeks ago.

#Research, #Research, #Research.

Only regret? should’ve bought more.

Even if the ‘vaccine’ is not available until middle of next year, couldn’t do harm to the share price. And even then, yes it may go up a penny or two, but you’re not gonna see that much growh in Pfizer (unlike Tesla et al)…

This company is so-so in your portfoliom but not gonna make you a millionaire.


I’ve just discovered the Pfizer is spinning off and that share holders will receive shares in Viatris when it happens. Does anyone know about this as I’m struggling to find recent information about it.



Thats because there isnt any more information. They’re still going through the anti trust stuff in the US i think.

Do you know what is going to happen with the share allocation? Is it 1 for 1?

I’ve not read everything about it so I don’t know. You probably want to read through all the information here Viatris | Global Healthcare Company


@Viktor, will Freetrade be adding the new stock to investor portfolio’s or selling the new shares and allocating the funds to investor accounts?

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