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Hey @Darren33, we’ll send a notification to all holders today to explain in more detail how this will be done, check out your app.

Hi Sam

That’s great. I don’t hold Pfizer in Freetrade but am considering moving it to the platform if we will get the allocation. Will all investors be notified or just those who currently hold in the platform?



All holders notified. You will receive 0.12 for each Pfizer stock you hold. Execution date is expected on 17th November

Sputnik V only needs storing -18 degrees versus mine -70 for BioNTech /Pfizer. I hope the peer reviews find it to be a capable vaccine - the more we have the merrier plus it would be great to see Russia start to take a lead in some fields. The poor talented people of that country deserve to catch a break from decades of upheavel and mismanagement.

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Investor Relations - SourceBio International Recent Investor presentation (once you navigate through the location questions)

This company have stabilised storage facility in the US - does not solve the problem of getting the vaccine out to the end user though

If you are interested in the logistics of vaccine cold chains you might want to check out the video Wendover made on the topic earlier this year:

It covers a lot of the same points in the article Sam linked.

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Hi :wave:

The spin-off of Pfizer’s UpJohn business and its subsequent merger with Mylan has now been effective. The new company is called Viatris. We are due to receive the new shares today from our US partner and will be issued to our customer’s portfolio as soon as reasonably possible following receipt. We will notify our customers once these have been added.



Will they (Viatris) also be added to the freetrade platform for other users to buy and if so will it be on the free side of the platform?

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Hi Everyone,

For those that hold Pfizer shares, has anyone had their Viatris shares allocated yet?

Not yet, I was expecting them on the 18th as stated.

Can’t believe the share price hasn’t risen yet, down 8% in 10 days…

Yeah just received mine

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So ladies and gents who might know more than me!
When might we see a massive uptick in Pfizer shares price? Is this going to be a through the roof stock at any time soon or is this going to go up when they announce quarterlies?

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Hey everyone, here’s my latest stock analysis video on Pfizer.

In this video I analyse Pfizer’s stock ($PFE) using fundamental analysis. Is Pfizer stock a buy?

I go through Pfizer’s business summary & sales breakdown to get an understanding of the business. After this, I go through my analysis checklist and then value Pfizer stock using the discounted free cashflow method.

Pharmaceutical companies have massive tailwinds due to the world population getting larger every year. Life expectancy increasing across the world is another major factor with more people needing medication as they get older.

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms, with annual sales close to $50 billion. While Pfizer historically sold many types of healthcare products and chemicals, now, prescription drugs and vaccines account for the majority of sales. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine will also boost sales with governments around the world signed up to long term contracts.

PFE Stock Offers a 3.2% dividend yield and steady long-term growth. The company has high margins, a solid balance sheet and spits out a tonne of free cashflow which is being used to reward shareholders.

Let me know your thoughts on the video!⠀⠀


Has Pfizer reached its ceiling? Such vast sales won’t last forever. Are we starting to see Pfizer find its more natural level?


Has anyone received their dividend payment from June 10th yet?

I did

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Thanks for the heads up! Will be buying the dip!