Phunware Inc PHUN

This company provides different services, including location tracking, that app makers can use to monetise their product.

Anyone got thoughts on this?

Difficult to say, been holding since October company has great prospects, but has had the same blockchain timeline since 2019, it’s now in action.

Financials are garbage, recent presentations have stated they should have balanced sheets and improved EBITDA. But untill they release qtr 4 financials in march I don’t know how much faith I have in them.

Seems to be being pumped a lot, in all fairness I’m 200% up on my position which is great, but I assume come march it will either rocket or slump.

As you said SLUMP. Hope u got out. Only had small stake but 50% down

Got out, got fomo and opened a small position again :man_facepalming: regretted it since, gonna have to wait for it’s next pump. Could be a while