Pie chart in the portfolio tab

(Georgi) #1

A bit of an add up to my initial impressions - are you considering adding a pienchart of one’s portfolio to the portfolio tab ?
I think it will look great between the chart on the top and the list on the bottom.Also who doesnt like pie charts :smiley:
Would really like to have my portfolio breaken down by % in positions and im pretty sure the majority of people think like me.

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
(Luke Bebbington) #2

Great idea

(Rob N) #3

You could swipe right on the current line chart to get a colourful pie chart :+1:t3:

And another swipe for a bar chart, which could have absolute profit/loss per holding… (With green/red bars and ordered by profit - to be specific!)

(Georgi) #4

I dont seem to have it - swiping right does not do anything for me.Tried it both on the line chart and the individual holdings.
Also the line chart seems to be flat dont know why that is.

(Rob N) #5

That was an idea for Freetrade to build it as a right swipe on the current chart, I could have been clearer :slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon) #6

Good plan, although it would only work if you have s few holdings in your portfolio. Any more than 6-10 and it would get a bit confused.

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

Maybe show up to 5-8 and the rest consolidated into “Other”? :slight_smile:

(Luke Bebbington) #8

With the ability to drill into other… ie. click on other and a list pops up