Pillar III Disclosure

Where might I find Freetrade Ltd.’s Pillar III disclosure? If it’s not easily available, I would like to respectfully request information on our company’s current capital adequacy.

Round 3 investor and enthusiastically rooting for our collective success.

I’m not sure Freetrade is required to produce a Pillar III document?

Freetrade wouldn’t hold any CRC due to a lack of lending, nor ORC due to company size. Seeing as Freetrade doesn’t hold any positions in the market there would be no need for MRC either.


Do you mean the Basel III framework? That does not apply to Freetrade since it’s not a bank.

Banks are not the only ones which have Basel requirements applied to them. Interactive Brokers, Jupiter Asset Management and BlackRock all publish Pillar III disclosures.

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Afaik Basel 3 only applies to international banks. Or my university taught me incorrectly. This doesn’t mean that these institutions don’t have other EU laws that require them to adhere to Basel 3 standards, but they’re not subject to Basel 3. :smiley:

All Australian banks publish Pillar III disclosures and adhere to Basel requirements so this is not true. The Basel framework is not designed by the EU but is an internationally recognised standard.

Pillar III disclosures apply to banks, building societies and investment firms under the BIPRU definition.

Their application comes from the EU’s Capital Requirements Directive which is informed by the Basel rules on capital measurement which as @hrochfor1 says lays out the international gold standard for capital and risk management.

The purpose of CRD as laid out by the FCA here:

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Could only find time from heavy work week to reply now. But I’d like to specifically thank @CTE and @hrochfor1 for educating me on the matter.

To quote hrochfor1, I’m also an IB customer and I was wondering if FT had any similar, formal disclosure of its capital standing. I understand that the current simplicity of the business model (no securities lending, etc.) frees FT from having to report its capital adequacy.

Just figured that since some of us are shareholders, it would be good to request this / raise it as an aspect to discussed at the next update. A summary of FT’s health, I imagine, would also be useful to all other users.

Have a nice week ahead everyone! c :

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