Pineapple Power Corporation (PNPL) 🍍

New London listed special purpose acquisition company to seek and acquire businesses in the clean energy sector.

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Yes please! PNPL!


Swear companies are coming out with cool names so people hand over cash

Pineapple - power
Lemonade - insurance

Love it


You also have
Coconut - accounting
Apple - overpriced garbage :wastebasket: (jokes, I own a Mac)


I hate that my default action, when I see a stock request that interests me, is to immediatly go to ‘that other app’ and see if they already have it there.


Can Freetrade confirm if this PNPL will be added soon?

PNPL shares seem to be available on the market today

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Can we get this one @Viktor? It’s standard main market, has more than 10 trades per day, and increasing amounts of retail interest.


If this had been on FT Plus then it would have been the shove I needed to sign up for Plus, alas it’s not to be.

I’ve even tried buying it in ‘the other app’ but the orders won’t go through.

Always too slow to add

Hopefully they improve the universe greatly this year, they did a decent job last year.

The solution at the moment at least is to get it on another broker like HL or ii

It’s not a very good answer to say the solution to the gaps in our product is to use a competitor. They should be saying we are working night and day to get all UK equities onboarded as promptly as possible and make new hires in this area. Commission free trades don’t mean much if by the time you get in the price has moved 20-100% :roll_eyes:

Can’t you upgrade to Plus, buy all you need and immediately cancel/return to standard? For that month surely the £7 is worth the access.

They are. But if your looking for those short term initial gains then clearly you wouldn’t wait. Nothing stops people using multiple platforms.

And I’m not Freetrade, my solution is if you want to a buy a stock and it’s not available on Freetrade at the moment then buy it on another reputable broker. Commission free trades don’t have anything to do with anything in this scenario. If the price has moved 100% I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have payed £10 to buy it on HL if that’s what you thought would have happened?

Yep I could do that, but ths isn’t on Plus yet.

I think that Plus is actually pretty good value (I pay £9.99 for every damn buy and sell trade in my AJ Bell LISA!) and I’d be happy to pay for it every month. I need to learn more about the different order types that it includes and figure out how to use them properly to increase my returns.

It’s bizarre to me to see people in other threads coming up with plans to stuff £4000 cash in their accounts just to get the interest to offset the Plus membership. I can’t imagine having £4000 and being so uptight about the £9.99 cost of Plus… but maybe that’s why I’m poor and don’t have £4000 of spare cash!


I think they’ve missed out on part of the point, yes it can cover the cost, but you could be worse off (NG pay out more in dividends :man_shrugging:), it’s real benefit of putting your money to work while it waits for an upcoming investment. But I think a lot of people here like investing every penny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hear it’s terrible!?

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No, I see their point I just disagree with it.

It’s worse than that.

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Hey everyone, this stock is in the upcoming batch, but we’re looking to fast track it.