Pineapple Power Corporation (PNPL) 🍍


That being said I’d marry them if they help me get a big pay out!:sweat_smile:

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Yes I had already made a grand off them so that eased the pain.
But it was choosing Tesla and 1other , picked the wrong one .
That’s with my head full of old school investing advice about diverse portfolios.
That’s not so shirley anymore

I can’t cash out even if I try. Anybody else have the same issue? And how many attempts does it normally take?

Maybe try in smaller amounts and after 1 hour intervals.

Now I don’t agree that they’re a SCAM but I think everyone should recognise what the shortfalls are:

“And here is the big problem with SPACs. They are essentially roach motel investments, easy to check in but impossible to check out. Liquidity going in is unlimited but coming out is nil. You can often only redeem your investment at a huge discount, or if another buyer is willing to take out at any price. That makes marks to market challenging at best.” - JT

So basically this isn’t a failure from FT but just a consequence of dealing in SPACs. This goes for the other topics where people are complaining about receiving significantly lower prices or struggling to sell.


Thanks, it finally happened after countless attempts. Luckily I still made a decent profit but normally being into things for the long haul i got a bad feeling about this and just wanted out. Cheers.


How is it I can’t sell any of my shares as I’ve never had a problem with selling my shares then buying back in but this pineapple rejects me selling my shares it a bloody con telling ppl to buy of them then you can’t even get your own money out wow amazing ppl who are the founder of pineapple power are so back dated if you can’t handle loosing then don’t come in to the stock market

Rejected trades have nothing to do with the company. It’s freetrade rejecting them because of volatility or illiquidity because they can’t get you an acceptable price at this time. Just continue trying!


There has been lots of ‘good advice’ on this thread about a SPAC with only 1 mill capital and a PR company trying to make the best of them.
No surprise their stock is so volatile.
I assume from the derogatory ‘newbie’ that the people giving this advice are old hands. As such I’m surprised to see them on such a recent platform
The way they leap in every time the stock goes up, a paranoid person might think they are using their old platforms to short the stock, cashing in everytime it drops.
Luckily there are no paranoid people, cynical experienced investors or gullible ‘newbies’ on Freetrade.
That’s for other less respectable platforms.
I’m just a Stroppy Twat


Is there anything recent in the news about PNPL?

Not that I’ve seen, which is probably why the share price has drifted down :thinking:

No but I hope very soon to see news of the PR company director being spoken to by the regulator for his artificial boosting of a share price.

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Quelle surprise. He hasn’t tweeted about PNPL since Tuesday last week.

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Hopefully that’s because he is a mole🕵️‍♂️ in this thread as I doubt the regulator moved that quickly ha ha.


I think we must have been right. The person who signed up and started ‘The Next PNPL is CRTM’ thread hasn’t been seen since. :laughing:

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Agreed! And his Twitter is pushing them both, each account (Critical Metals and Pineapple Power) is retweeting the same tweets from him, from TMS, and a few other accounts.

It all stinks and if I wasn’t having a week off work, I’d probably see digging deeper as something more interesting but alas I have a list of DIY to do…


WSB might be honing in…


I’d like to know this too…

PNPL is up 25% this morning! I should not have sold my remaining share yesterday. In fact, now could be the time to buy-in before the values goes any higher.

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Yeah… I’ve got a funny feeling about this one