Please can you add some quality SPAC that have not announced Mergers

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If you have any suggestions feel free to create stock requests for them specifically


And who do you recommend decides what a “quality SPAC” is?

Also, I am not sure how you come to the conclusion that FT only have 2 that have not announced mergers as there seem to be quite a lot of SPACS and pretty sure there are more than two that haven’t yet. :+1:


PSTH is already on the app :joy:


I thought the problem with SPACs was that there were already too many that hadn’t announced mergers because they’d run out of companies worth merging with and they were all just left hanging around hoping nobody would notice.

And of course, they could just sell some of their own equity at the higher prices for a quick profit and then just return the $10 at the end when they’re legally required to wind the SPAC up.

Maybe I should take my cynic hat off… :smiley: