Plus Account Customer Service Credit

Given our negativity bias poor :freetrade: get’s lots of grief on the forums for the bad stuff, so I wanted to big up the team for being so helpful with the stuff that I have had problems with.

I had an issue with a 2-free shares link set-up process which was my fault as we used the link on my partners phone, only to discover that the app wouldn’t work with it. We found a device that it would work with, started the setup process again, then realised that we had not used the link the second time.

I contacted the :freetrade: :plus_: team via chat, as did my partner via email and they issued a share. I had not realised that only one share was issued at the time (it was my first free shares) and when I realised and contacted :freetrade: again, they sorted it out pretty quickly.

I can only thank the team for their great customer service. Setting up accounts with partners or friends and sharing links and the conversations required with them is quite involved and knowing that :freetrade: can fix our errors and issues the free shares that we were expecting is so reassuring.

Thanks again :freetrade:


Agreed, I always get prompt efficient responses from the Service team.


Same here. My contacts with the service team have been, so far, prompt, efficient and easy.

Excellent customer service.