Plus payment method bugs

A couple of bugs related to adding my card to Plus:

  1. After adding the card and pressing the “Add card” button, a white screen with a loading spinner icon is displayed before the spinner disappears and hangs on the white screen. Looks like it possibly can’t connect to the card verification server. I tried using the debit card (which works fine for other subscription services), but will try another card.

  2. When adding your card to the screen and making an error (such as an invalid card number), when correcting the number and pressing the “Add card” button once more, the form will not submit (the “Add card” button is non-responsive). This can be easily reproduced with any random card number.

I’ll try adding a different card to Plus which I imagine will be successful, but the tech/onboarding team should know that there are bugs in the conversion process.

Thanks as always.

A bonus one. After adding a card successfully, the displayed text is “We will use this for future subscription.” It seems like this copy may have been missed by the marketing team!

Edit 2:
One more. “Next payment due” is set as “1st Feb '20.” Not only is it February 12th today, but it’s also 2021!

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