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β€œEV charging firm Pod Point touted for London IPO” EV charging firm Pod Point touted for London IPO

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β€œPod Point sparks London float with recruitment of former Aston Martin chief Palmer | Business News | Sky News” Pod Point sparks London float with recruitment of former Aston Martin chief Palmer | Business News | Sky News

I would like me some of these when they float.

Will be a difficult one for crowdfunding investors, like myself, to watch, having it snatched from us by EDF only to be flogged less than two years later for multiples more to cash in on the EV frenzy.


I sent the CEO a tweet
@Erik_Fairbairn How can you look yourself in the mirror? Can you clarify that you screwed over investors for EIS RELIEF by selling your company @podpoint one month befor they would have qualified for 30% relief. Why did you do that??


Looks like they may have a price in mind.

This company is a leading UK provider of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, based in London, England. It provides charging units for home, business and public use.


Anyone know how the valuation compares to what it was when they sold out?

Just wondering how much the crowdcube investors (including me) got stiffed out of

I hope those share prices are not for equivalent shares, as I got ~23p per share. I suspect they are different shares though. need to compare market cap to be sure.


Anyone know when they plan to IPO and when it will be added to FT?

It’s already on the app

Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point’s founder and chief executive, is expected to invest Β£4m of his own money in the IPO, with Β£120m raised in gross proceeds to accelerate the company’s expansion.

thanks it wasnt showing up when i checked earlier

what are peoples thought on a fair value for this stock or a good entry to get in??

Last crowd fund was raised @ Β£35 million valuation and now they going to list at 350 million valuation in AIM. Crowds should have got 10x of their investments if they didn’t buy back

A bit of a damp squid on IPO day

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β€œBut squids are already damp…”


Screwed investor as well.
Guess he did not respond?

So far so good. Sometimes it’s nice to buy a dip… But I prefer it when there isn’t one.

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Surly this stock can only go one way with the way infrastructure is going! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Not necessarily. There are now quite a EV charging companies vying for top stop.

BT Hive
Myenergi Zappi
Andersen A2
Rolec wallpod
Telsa do their own charger

The list goes on… as EVs become more mainstream stream you can see existing car manufacturers starting to launch their own brand home chargers aswell.