Pollen Street (PSSL) 💰- Share Chat

This trust focuses on credit and specialist lending assets globally, with investments in the US, Europe and Australasia.

It aims to provide steady dividend income.

Eye watering fees and a less then stellar performance. Feel sorry for those who picked this up at its peak.

Anyone got the upside? (Other then the logo, which is quite nice.)

Upside is if recreational marijuana is legalised they can still use pollen street as their name :joy:

This doesn’t seem like a great addition. The div yield is 5.50%+ which isn’t bad but after charges it’s nowhere near worth it. I’m already involved in P2P where the risk-reward is worth it for me, I’m looking for more secure stocks/etfs on Freetrade and certainly not ones with ongoing charges. Sound for the heads up @anon810895


This one caught my eye when I saw it in today’s additions. So I thought I’d Google it.

Didn’t take long for me to be worried:


Coupled with the performance and the fees as mentioned above, I don’t think it’s worth the risk for me.


I had heard of that fund before didn’t realise they changed their name :+1: