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Will Freetrade comment on this?


The shares are still showing in my Freetrade account .

Can Freetrade explain why this is the case .

Freetrade need to answer all these questions.

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It the situation with Russia changes, will our shares trade again?

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They needs to renamed to Solidcore

I’m guessing FT won’t respond because they effed up
They should have either transferred peoples holdings or sold them.


Let’s see if they respond

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Has anyone messaged FT , what’s there take on this .

Important update on your investment in Polymetal

International plc:

Further to our previous message regarding the redomicile from Jersey to Astana International Financial Centre “AIFC” in Kazakhstan for Polymetal International plc.

As the Polymetal International plo shares are no longer able to be traded on the London Stock Exchange, Polymetal International plc were offering to support an exchange offer where shareholders were able to transfer their holding to AlX registrars.

Following review, Freetrade is currently unable to facilitate the transfer of holding to AlX. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will send a further notice on receipt of any further information.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Wow. FT have royally screwed up on this :face_with_spiral_eyes:

FT are the custodian of the shares being a nominee broker
One would think that their name would have been on the ploy share register when they delisted
The register was sent to AIX and account made for all the shareholders


Would all the shares FT held on account not be with AIX now

The shares must be somewhere
They are 100% not in the UK system anymore or with computershare

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So am I correct in reading this as “We (freetrade) had a chance to do something, didn’t bother, and have no plans to do anything moving forward”. I have chucked a complaint in to them which has allegedly been escalated to FSA. We shall wait and see what happens…

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people need to ask FT, where the eff are my shares being held, in what account? :woozy_face:

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I’ve put a complaint in too. Hopefully Freetrade will do the decent thing and sort this issue .