Portfolio breakdown - insights by sector

I’ve noticed that recently TSLA has had two additional sector tags added to the stock. It was previously ‘Cars’, and now it also has ‘Energy’ and ‘Tech’. This makes sense to me, as we all know TSLA isn’t just about cars.

However, I’m wondering how the Insights by Sector graph and percentages work when a stock as split across more than one tag, and are they evenly weighted ie. Cars: 33.33%, Energy: 33.33%, Tech: 33.33% or mixed based on the companies weighting in those sectors?

The reason I ask is that my graph is only picking up ‘Cars’ because I have no ‘Energy’ sector represented within my Insights by Sector graph despite TSLA being tagged with it. Does the graph only represent the first tag within the stock? Is this a bug?


Bump: Anyone else notice this with their Sectors / Tags? :upside_down_face:

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