Portfolio chart design

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I think it’s fine to show total value as a figure (not on the chart) as long as that’s not all we get, on its own it’s not very useful, and on a chart it seems odd and misleading, implying growth when there is none. You can vote for multiple options in the poll so I thought it good to split out a few things which could go together - I’d prefer to have 3-4 of the options shown ideally.


Here is something similar to what I would have liked to see as a chart:

Has all various time horizons, shows both growth and value, the latter at any point in time as you can navigate it. Seems very user-friendly.


That looks nice, I like the info bubble that could be disclosed by a tap on a point on the chart as well (would allow lots more info potentially without cluttering the default graph). My only worry would be whether it shows growth from investment, rather than absolute growth (including cash added).

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Cash added will inevitably be shown on the graph, it simply is not avoidable. But the percentage growth is the net value growth without cash.


  1. You invest £1000 in company A and it becomes £1200. 20% growth.
  2. Then you invest additional £1000 in company B. Your growth is no longer 20%, it diffused and is 10% now (you have £2000 in cash but the total growth was only £200, which is 10%).
  3. But now you have two growth sources - A and B, whereas A starts with a 20% growth headstart (in isolation to B) and B is a plain £1000 with a 0% growth yet.
  4. Wait a few years
  5. Your company A (which was worth £1200) grows further £600 -> £1800 now. That is 50% (in isolation); company B (worth £1000) grows £300 -> £1300 now. That is 30% (in isolation again).
  6. Your additional growth since the last cash deposit (which was in step 2) was from £2200 to £3100. This is 41%.
  7. But you very total growth (since your first investment) was from £2000 value to £3100 value was astonishing 55% or £1100 net.

Hope that makes sense. I seriously do not think you could avoid cash on the graph without committing a chart crime when showing the value.

BUT. If the chart only showed the profit (not your total holdings), that is very possible. In fact, it could show not only your current holdings’ net profit but closed (sold) positions (investments) as well. For example, my current holdings’ net is $1624 but the overall profit (including Netflix I foolishly sold!) is $2421, and the latter is reflected on the graph:


I suggest a landscape mode for charts. The charts are constrained by space to some degree and so rotating the phone when viewing a chart would be nice to enlarge it.


This, for me is key. It should show your overall profit as a % and amount, taking into account closed positions and what you’ve put in. So basically current value - all cash in from external sources (not dividends) = growth. I’d add a step 8 and 9 to your list to show closed positions and dividend income:

  1. You sell investment A at £1800, and buy investment C - your growth remains at 55% (assuming investment C value stays the same).
  2. You are paid £100 in dividends from stock B and your growth is now 60%

I’d rather a chart of % growth personally (as long as it discounts deposits), but am fine with a chart of £ profit or £ value if the other information is available as well - I don’t particularly care about the day’s profit/loss, but do care about overall growth over longer periods of time (as opposed to growth due to cash deposits).

So yes those charts you’ve shown look pretty close to what I’d like to see, as long as the Profit/Loss or Growth is not simply the average growth over current investment (which is I believe what HL shows you), but the actual growth (I’m sure there’s a term for that, I’m afraid I have no idea what it is :sweat_smile:).

yes landscape mode showing you a more detailed chart would be really nice.


That is very wise, I completely missed out on this aspect.

Now we need to make people vote for this :slight_smile:


In Vlad’s black and white chart there is a vertical blue line which shows you the price and date at that point in time.

The ability to do that would be great (even if it’s just a single line/time selection), similar to what you can do on the MetaTrader apps.


Just started using the app and loving it! One initial thing I noticed…

When viewing a single stock and seeing its history chart and selecting the MAX option I then have no context of how far back the MAX view is representing.

It would be great to show even a basic time axis on the bottom!


Hey James! Thanks for sharing this suggestion :raised_hands:

There’s been some discussion about that sort of improvement here before so I’ve moved your post over, to help keep everything in one place, I hope that’s ok!

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Portfolio graph has improved since the last update but still a long way to go, hence bumping this topic back to the top.

One other issue I have is that you can never see your real growth. Therefore, I believe there should be two lines going together - one is the angle-ish top up line (example below) and the other one would be the existing pulse line. This will explicitly show how well a user is doing.

I have blatantly stolen a nice PensionBee picture from App Store to give some visualisation:


Definitely would love to see the line of only contributions to the account.

I also think the “price scrolling” is the way to go and could work well for Freetrade given they prefer % on the y-axis.

For instance, Abra (and Pensionbee) have this feature:

Illustrated below (I can pick - i.e. scroll to - any date and it will show the value on that date):


Indeed, scrolling line on the chart seems like a default feature with many brokers, hence no reason for Freetrade not to implement it once all the other key projects are completed :slight_smile:


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This was part of the wider Portfolio Chart Design idea, so you certainly have my :ballot_box:


Hey @mugwort, this is a great suggestion! As @Diversify has noted, it is best to combine chart-related ideas in this topic and keep the votes consolidated. Three votes you got are now here :wink:


Thank you Vlad, I didn’t know suggestions could be posted in pre-existing topics. Doesn’t this mean that individual suggestions cannot be voted on though?

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Yes it would. Vlad was just following my guidelines but I’ve changed my mind about topics like this - please do post each idea individually (including anything that’s been suggested in the thread) - we need to see how many votes each use case gets, rather than solutions.

So I’ve reopened your topic.