Portfolio Earnings Insights

Create an alternative view of the user’s portfolio that represents holdings not in terms of value but in terms of annual earnings (either TTM or forward estimate EPS X #shares). Either as a toggle on the Portfolio page or as a new Insights feature.

List the total annual earnings (aggregate positive earnings across all holdings) as a headline figure and display a delta (from the previous 12M period) e.g.

Annual Earnings £123.45 (+£6.72 +5.4%) (i)
Earnings Yield: 2.5% (i)

(i) Info expands to describe what is being shown on the page/how it is calculated a la Portfolio performance page information

Display a pie chart of the breakdown by holdings of how much they contribute to portfolio earnings e.g.

Stock Contribution
Apple 50%
Microsoft 30%
Tesla 10%
Others 10%

Then list each holding individually with annualised earnings and the change from the previous 12 month period, sorted by total earnings descending e.g.


Apple --------------------------------------£61.72
$AAPL - 20 Shares --------------------+39.6%
Earnings Yield: 3.0%

Microsoft ----------------------------------£xx.xx
$MSFT - x Shares ----------------------+x.x%
Earnings Yield: x.x%

This would be interesting to see and as far as I know a novel feature. It’s not something I track in my offline portfolio manager (and I doubt many people do) but all the information should be readily available - I think the only non-trivial part would be ETFs and maybe small caps not covered by data providers.

I also think this could help improve investor outcomes by bringing some tangibility to what we are actually buying a share of.