Portfolio Graph - Time View

I started with 5K investment, and the portfolio showed the variations over time. Then I added another 10K, and now the portfolio graph basically looks like two straight lines, one at the 5K level, and one at the 15K level, and I can’t view the changes now. Can the scale on the graph be adjusted, or can you add the ability to view portfolio as 1D, 7D, 1M, 1Y and Max, so that I can get greater visibility of the current changes after increasing my investment.

This :clap: I only started with less than £100 at first and just added money when I wanted to buy more shares.

It means I now have a staircase type graph that jumps up large amounts, but doesnt really tell me anything in terms of how my investment is doing in the short term/medium term/long term :chart_with_upwards_trend:


I think this has also been discussed in a different thread… perhaps the user need here is to be able to clearly see the effect of investment performance or that of adding cash or that of both.

(And it would be interesting for the user research to dig deeper into why and how a graph tells an investor something useful. I don’t feel that historic graphs inform me what I should do in future, though I can see that there may be a psychological “just keep going” benefit.)

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