Portfolio to show value of shares only

As an investor I personally don’t want the available wallet funds showing in my portfolio total. For me this makes it difficult to see the overall performance and size of my investments.

At the moment I want to remove any excess funds from my wallet to keep the portfolio tab clean and reflective of my stocks. (And since this is an income stream for freetrade I would suggest that they don’t encourage people to move money they would otherwise be happy sitting in their wallet)

I agree that currently it is a bit confusing. The amount displayed on the portfolio tab should either include Cash, in which case Cash should be explicitly mentioned in the list, or should exclude cash altogether, leaving it for the account tab. The only use of cash as part of portfolio is if you are trying to understand your diversification, but since there are no features around that, it’s not useful in this context.


This is especially true if a user another Platform such as Yahoo Finance to track their holdings, which results in a disparity between the Portfolio total in the Freetrade app versus any 3rd party application.


I prefer seeing both things together as usually have some in cash at all times (the percentage varies). I would be fine with a breakdown though instead of just total value - in fact I think some sort of breakdown (perhaps a stacked bar) would be great, as it’d encourage people to consider whether they should be 100% in individual stocks, or 100% in ETFs, or 100% cash or a mix of all 3 say.

I think I’d rather see that than the portfolio graph which so far has not felt useful to me and I don’t anticipate being hugely useful in future, though I guess it might give a visual idea as to growth over time eventually.


I have not seen other brokers including cash as part of the portfolio I think. If it is of use for anyone - it should just be a little tick in the settings, e.g. “Count cash as part of your overall portfolio performance” as “Yes” or “No”.

I hope this is just one of those minor things that will be addressed when more significant features are available :slight_smile:


Yes they probably should show both with some sort of breakdown, rather than lumping it together. I think the cash component is important though. HL for example shows Stock Value and Cash Value.


It’ll be good to have a option to just show the Portfolio value. Also I noticed in September the app loads the cash balance first, then adds the Portfolio value. See the GIF below showing the app starting up in slow motion.

Portfolio Startup GIF

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There’s definitely differences in perception and also perhaps behaviour here - to me cash forms part of my portfolio, quite a large part right now in fact. Portfolio value without cash makes no sense for my portfolio (for others it may).

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I believe others may prefer to keep cash in bank with some interest.


You can’t move large sums of money out of an ISA without losing the tax free status and also I just find it much clearer to keep it together in one place and adjust cash percentage, but everyone has different approaches or needs and that’s fine. Just wanted to point out one reason people would want to see cash in a portfolio value.


Here is a potential solution:

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I think this is the solution to many of the “how do we please all of the people “ = make stuff configurable.

Don’t like the graph, turn it off.
Want to see only shares, click this option.

To be able to personalise my Freetrade experience I think is the single biggest thing (after zero fees) that I want from the app.

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Maybe this particular problem could be fixed by showing somewhere the total value of the cash and the total value of the non-cash assets.

More generally, the idea of many things being configurable/options/user settings makes me nervous. The cost of testing, customer support often scale non-linearly with increased product complexity, so you end up with a horrible tradeoff between customisability and forward progress. Better to be opinionated and have fewer options and, well, things.


I agree with @PigeonStrangler here. To me, it’s useful to see cash, but the primary reason I want to see my portfolio balance is to track returns. Cash has 0 returns, so it’s useless to include it.

Another nasty side effect is that if you do include it, it’s affected by the timing of withdrawals and deposits. I know the team is working on fixing withdrawals, but currently, the cash withdrawn is still included in your portfolio value until the transaction is processed 2 days later.

There’s another discussion here: Portfolio to show value of shares only. Maybe this topic should be merged with it?