Portfolio Tracker - optional revenue generator for FT


I am currrently using DividendMax to model my portfolio and track which shares will be paying what dividends each month plus the total expected each year as my young portfolio on FT grows.

For that service if I progress beyond trial it is £14 & change monthly which I feel is a little excessive, however it got me thinking…with FT freemium model, offering something similar (i.e. the ability to add your portfolio into a tracking tab that shows money spent, shares owned, dividends collected, due etc) could be a great incentive for additional revenue for FT.

i.e. basic orders £0. instant orders £1. isa £3 monthly portfolio tracker £3 monthly (or whatever you felt would be cost effective obviously)

I’d definitely be happier paying FT then someone else for that service as the revenue generated would help ensure the platform keeps its freemium model for my basic trades and helps give the platform a unique IP to differentiate it from other providers.

Example screenshots below.

I am actually an Dividend investor myself, and i think this is something your can track yourself this is actually what i do since keeps me more involved.

hI iLoky - definitely. At the moment I track it myself using a spreadsheet, and I’m using tools such as DividendMax to generate ideas for how/what I should be tracking. My thinking was that there will be a mix of people out there, some who will actively manage themselves out of preference, and some that will want an easy tool to do the basics for them. Potentially that’s another revenue stream to tap - and I’m all for optional revenue streams that allow FT to keep their basic premise of free basic trades going!

Thanks for your answer, it helped me clarify my thinking :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, Jim. We’d love to do more in future to make it easier to track dividend payment dates, payments etc as we know these are hard to keep track of,

On a more general note, there are quite a few interesting threads here where people have shared how they create their own trackers etc, for stocks in general.

The Google Finance tracker is popular with a lot of Freetraders.

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Cheers, I’ll take a look at those threads in the meantime :slight_smile: