Possible to get trading summary after closing account?

I have closed my account and left the UK but there are a few stocks I am following and I want to see for which price I sold them. My star stock in particular (Plug Power) is going down continuously and I want to know for what price I let it go a few months ago.
So: is it possible to get an overview of all my trades while I was on FT, after having closed my account?

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Please ping hello@freetrade.io for a definitive answer to this. Please can you be kind enough to share the response with the community.

Just an update @bitflip I had to give my date of birth and they sent me my summary today. All trades are in there and well detailed. I am astonished that stocks that I thought already had cratered when I sold them, managed to go even lower. It’s definitely a chaotic market these days.

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I’m glad you got what you wanted! And thank you for updating the community. Much appreciated.