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This company provides logistic and postal services to individuals and businesses in the Netherlands.

How can a massive large cap company valued at €1.78 billion, be limited to Pro accounts?

I was looking forward to investing into large cap EU companies, but FT put the good ones in Pro only.

This did not act as an incentive to change to Pro, but more of slap in the face disincentivising me instead. The returns (divs & captial growth) might not cover the £10 monthly charge for a casual ling term investor who likes an occasional dabble.

Why are these large cap companies inaccessible to all?

The local index with the largest caps is free tier. Here that’s the AEX 25: AEX index - Wikipedia

Germany it’s the DAX. In France I’ll wager it’ll be the CAC40…
Freetrade said that on the announcement. That’s the reason. If that’s good or bad policy is another question of course.