Pots or Investment Buckets

I’m having a think about my investment strategy and was wondering how it might work in the app.

My initial thought is that I might want to have a small number of different investment strategies (some investment for dividend income, some market tracking ETFs and maybe a few shorter term individual stocks to gamble (in an informed way!) on bigger returns). It struck me that something like Monzo pots* would be a good model here to allow me to segregate them into nice buckets.

From what I’ve seen so far it looks like there’s no way of doing that. Is that right? Would buckets of investments be helpful to anyone else (we’ll need a better term, though!)?

*I’d also like to see each of these portfolios in Monzo as pots, but that’s another story! :slight_smile:


I saw on Monzo android slack a few weeks ago that there’s an investment pot behind a feature flag. Be interesting to see who that’s with but I doubt it’ll be Freetrade as Monzo would want to make money from it.

Segregated investments sounds good, maybe as categories rather than pots but i’ll reserve judgement til I see the app in action


Spot on! I’ll probably change my mind when I see it in real life. :slight_smile:

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I wonder whether search (possibly combined with Emma’s categories suggestion) could be a way to give you a similar outcome - so the search results would give you the kind of summary that you want, for a group of stocks / ETFs?

I guess the search functionality would have to be quite powerful, in order to give you enough variables to filter your results to get to exactly the results you wanted so maybe not..


You can’t see it very clearly here, but Nutmeg seem to have something similar (called… pots!):

I’m actually agnostic about presentation, but different views/filters/something to help me remember what my strategy is for each investment, and breakdown return, income etc is what I think I’d like.

(Again, this is all from a position of ignorance, so really looking forward to seeing how Freetrade tackles the problem!)


I was thinking more different pots for Bonds, dividend paying shares, ETFs etc

I would hope I’d never call one ‘Good Old Pension’ on the grounds of good taste :see_no_evil:


Simple #tagging might provide the most flexibility?

Plus guess you may have a investment associated with multiple tags?


If they could be a bit more colourful and you could select one you’d used before, instead of just text and having to remember what you’d used before.

Kind of like this


Guess you’d have auto complete or show recently used tags. But saying that most people won’t have many. Things like dividend probably will be filterable, as you might want to see dividend > 1%

Colour is always good. Reminds me of Trello and labels, you can name and colour code them.

I’m sure Freetrade will come up with something that’s really intuitive.


I agree in creating flag or lists starting with a watchlist, total portfolio and the rest that can be personalized.

I would definitely find having some type of tagging system useful as I expand my investment, however, until that happens we still have the good old book and pen which I can record my strategy on.

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Bump for this! I’ve got a few stocks I’d like to group together and track their collective performance on (like my own really amateur index) to help me test a theory. Some sort of grouping/pot functionality would be ideal for this


It’s really helpful that the lastest version of the app sorts the investments in order but I don’t find the top 6 investments below the portfolio graph useful now that I have a lot more than 6, either it should show all or summarise as groups like ETF’s / Individual stocks (initially).

Then by making fully customisable pots/portfolio’s like the reminders list app on the iPhone - where each investment is aligned to one chosen list and you can move the order of lists around as well as the order of items in the list.

I’d probably start with something like:
•UK Stocks :uk:
•US stocks :us:
•Speculative :game_die:


Would it be possible to create multiple portfolios and bucket your shares / ETFs into those and name according to, lets say your “strategy” or “goals”?


Bond Portfolio Strategy
ETF only Strategy
Moderate Growth Strategy
Aggressive Growth Strategy

It could be your goals too e.g.

“Mercedes C-Class goal 2025”

Been trying to find this idea around the community, but i don’t think anyone has brought it up, or i might be blind!


I’d love this. I’m a major fan and proponent of “goals” in Starling and use it for all my budgeting. I’m also saving up for non-essentials over time, that will take more than 5 years to save up for, so I’m investing that money.

Right now I have a spreadsheet to track what proportion of my total investment is earmarked for each particular non-essential thing.

But it would be awesome to be able to directly reflect that in the Freetrade app and throw the spreadsheet away!


Thanks for requesting this! A similar idea’s been suggested here so I’ve moved your post over but it’s great to hear some more details about how you’d use this functionality :bowing_man:

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great stuff, thanks alex!

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Just wanted to vote and bump this.

Multiple portfolios/pots would be ideal.

I swing trade so it’s great to just pop in the app and see how I’m doing but it’ll get a bit confusing when I start investing in funds where I’m playing the long game.

Really hope you introduce this soon!


This is currently my most wanted feature! (Albeit not for swing trading!)


Can you give any update on this? Is this in the pipeline? Time frame?