Pots or investment buckets

We don’t have a timeframe for these at the moment but keep an eye on the roadmap & we’ll add this to it if / when they (or an alternative solution) are in the works.

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I think there is an opportunity to have multiple pots under the one ISA wrapper. This would support scenarios where saving for multiple things over a long period of time. i.e. a pot for each child as well as a personal pot.

This is something Nutmeg offer as per the attached image from their site.



So do you mean having a few portfolios under the main ISA?

I’d love this as a way of basically having junior ISA’s in my account for the kids; as well as separating my long term growth investments from a pot that are there purely for dividends

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This reminds me of Pots or investment buckets and ”stock collections within the discovery toolbar. Think collections such as ‘female CEOs’ or ‘electric car companies” from Meet Freetrade, The Challenger Stockbroker Launching Its Android App Today

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This is a cool suggestion, and a nice visualisation by Nutmeg. As @saf mentioned, it very much resembles the topic that has already been created so I merged the two to consolidate the votes and avoid duplication :slight_smile:


Yes exactly all under the one ISA

Thank you for merging @Vlad


Hope this different pots/portfolio idea gets added to the roadmap soon! I don’t really want to have a use a different platform to keep my ETFs separate from my other shares.

Do love all the other updates that are happening though. Keep up the great work.



I would like to have the ability to group different stocks into portfolios for each user. Example: I might have a tech portfolio I call Portfolio A. Portfolio B is a balanced portfolio with a lot of different asset classes. For Portfolio C might be a dividend portfolio. It would be nice to be able to group these at the user’s choice. And show portfolio % gain and loss for time periods. As well as showing the percentage that stock makes up that portfolio it resides in.

I understand there could be some overlap of stocks so some thought would have to go into this to keep it from being messy. Any idea if this is in the pipeline anyone or something similar?

I’m unfortunately based in Ireland so my knowledge of the app itself is very basic