Pots or Investment Buckets

I think this is a good idea. It’s more a UX thing than anything else but I was thinking I might want to have my money separated into more long term investments that I won’t need to liquidate at any moment and can leave to ride out volatility/dips and then a separate pot which I’d just have in an S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100 tracker funds which if needed I can liquidate with less risk of having bigger dips/volatility that may come with other stock investments (Though I know everything is volatile in the current market).

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VOTED! I thought I’d had an original idea - something in the style of “savings pots” would be great!

It would be handy for lots of people at this time of year too. Imagine being able to create a “Christmas money from granny” pot and seeing how much you made it grow/vanish over the following year.


Just throwing my vote in here.

This personally would add huge value to my day to day usage of the app. As others have said, I invest in different stocks for different reasons and different lengths of time.

Many ETFs I “set and forget” and check them seldom, but other stocks I plan to hold for shorter periods and need more “active management” - the ability to separate this would be extremely useful


Also want to throw my vote in on this idea. I would love to be able to quickly organise my investments and see the value/risk distribution at a glance. With the rising popularity of SPACs for example, it would be good to separate these out from my steadier investments like ETFs and large-caps.


Yep, also love this idea, was wondering if it was possible to do! I’m mostly investing in dividend stocks but I would like to be able to create some custom groupings that would possibly show their own performance insights once clicked into. (not required but would be cool!)


It would be beneficial to see pots /pies /buckets to break up the current long lists of investment scrolling each time.


Anyone posting here to keep the dream alive gets instant hearts.
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