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I’m a big fan of POW. Nine potential opportunities, six with live activity and cash in the bank.

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I kind of like what I’m seeing and went in on this too. Unfortunately I had to do in AJ Bell where I got charged £9.99 for the trade… pfff… because I wanted it in my LISA. I can’t wait until Freetrade announce plans and a timeline for LISAs!


Bought in today. Hoping for another freetrade inspired buy similar to itm and ggp!


Investegate |Power Metal Announcements | Power Metal: Kalahari Copper Belt - Exploration Update

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Very helpful overview thanks! My first of these types of investment on FT

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No worries :+1:

Glad to see it’s risen 80% since I posted that.

Hopefully we get some good news on Molopo soon :eyes:

A great interview today from Paul Johnson, I think he’s the best CEO in the business bar none. Never lost for words and knows the business inside out, honest and as straight as they come
StockBox: “Power Metal Resources CEO outlines his growth ambition & focus for the business #POW” (pscp.tv)


PJ is great!

The business model they are creating now really interests me. Assuming they go through with the Aus purchase they announced, that will be 11 projects…POW has said they might be looking to licence some assets out to fund exploration on the key targets.

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I know some people wouldn’t touch explorers without a confirmed hit with a barge pole, but I wouldn’t be without this stock.
I think Paul has been there and done it all for others now he’s built a company around what he’s learned and is keeping the best propositions for Power Metals. I also think the 11 projects are chosen for dam good reasons, this isn’t lucky dip


Power Metal Resources CEO Paul Johnson with a Portfolio Overview #POW - YouTube


Some good news released today… read it all here https://polaris.brighterir.com/public/power_metal_resources/news/rns_widget/story/x49ygow

Today’s news includes significant and positive Project developments.

At Morula we have confirmed a soil geochemistry anomaly of at least 12km strike length, presenting a considerable scale target, which also remains open at both ends.

Power Metal and Kavango are seeking large scale copper-silver discoveries and without question the progress to date is even better than expected.


More good news released yesterday, nice to see it reflected in the share price today…

Getting into the Uranium space :yellow_circle: :fire:

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