Pricing /chart data latency

Why is there such a lag between pricing in the app vs. the market? Anything that can be done to reduce the latency?

Minor thing but there’s also quite a bit of latency between the portfolio screen loading & the total portfolio price updating… presumably all part of the same problem?


When I first started using the app it did frustrate me, but due to the app being mainly for long term investment and not trading, it’s not really a big deal. When I want to buy or sell I just have YahooFinance up. But yeah real time updates would be nice but it becomes less of an issue over time I think.


Agree it’s not a deal breaker. I am not looking to day trade- I would just like to use the app as my reference for price instead of having to look elsewhere.

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I also am a little frustrated with this. It would be great if there was just a way to manually refresh things like scroll to the top of the page and ‘pull down’ like you do with most other apps.

What is particularly annoying is that I can click onto one of my investments and see my profits etc, but then when I back out of the individual investment onto the dashboard the numbers there are outdated and incorrect. It then takes a while for it to update and show the correct numbers within my overall portfolio.

The only workaround I can find at the moment is just to hard close the app and reload it.


I’m the same, I have my FreeTrade accounts mirrored into yahoo finance and it’s a bit labouring to input my buys and sells but I like being able to see more technical information. I did suggest to FreeTrade if they could give a desktop browser version of your account with more info or access to the API so it could interface with yahoo finance but haven’t heard anything yet.

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That’s smart, I just made a Google sheet with my portfolio on that updates every minute or so

Yeh I wanted the 52 week leads and percentage as well the trends, it works ok but I’d prefer it in app.