Problem accessing Freetrade app using WIFI

Nothing gets updated everything is in the loading state when using my wifi but when I switch to mobile data the app works. Is there anyone having the same issue?

No, but that sounds like the issue is with your wifi (possibly phone) and not the app.


Sounds like ur wireless router is working but not your Internet connection, can also access the Internet?

Is Sky your internet provider? They have been having issues with banking sites today.

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Yes, thanks !!!

I have been having issues with app slow to open and stock profiles stuck not opening. App, phone or broadband (Virgin Media) problem?

Same here - am on Hyperoptic - 750MB (so bandwidth is not an issue). I basically can’t use the app on Wi-fi in general even at work. Even support suggested I use the app off wi-fi which to be honest is a bit ridiculous.

The issue may be do with the Internet providers policies (some of which can be over ridden by changing default settings or “profiles” set in the router). It is not just a matter of your bandwidth.

Also, for another data point, try out using a free wifi service (any Cafès) near by?) - office wifi can have even more restrictions (is there someone else at work that you know who uses Freetrade? If so ask them whether they can access their a/c from work).


Not a wifi issue but anyone else constantly getting a blank portfolio page? Keep trying to buy and find this happening more and more recently.

Do you have any ad blocking software on the WiFi?

There was a couple of domains I had to whitelist for FT to work.

If you’re using pihole, I’ll dig them out when I’ve access to a larger display

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Cheers for the ideas but no, I don’t use any blockers or any software not provided by Apple. I use the app on a iPhone and it is something that happens randomly. Usually works fine if I turn off and on sometimes a couple times but never had the issue before. Or any other app issues.

That is the puzzling thing. I know at least one major operator blocks gambling sites. So for example is blocked by your router’s firewall? You would have to go into the router and change the default setting in this case. Some trading sites (inc. Crypto) can get caught by these policies.

But I am scratching my head because your symptoms appear randomly. Are you sure it is as random as you think? Same router?

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I’ve seen similarish behaviour myself, which results in the full data sometimes not showing (stock data, the buy/sell buttons are unselectable). Other investment apps I use also display similar(ish) behaviour as well (the Wealthify app pops up a message warning that my network connection isn’t secure, others act similar to Freetrade). Also the computer I use for work at home also complains about it.

When it does happen, it’s resolved by either turning wifi on/off again (either on phone or router, or restarting the phone), or sometimes it just resolves itself on it’s own.

I have a feeling that the problem could be occuring for me due to the fact that I live in an appartment and there are about 8-10 other wifi connections around me which could possibly results in interference. (Since more people have started working from home I have noticed more wifi connections appearing)

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Not had any issues with the Freetrade app but issues over the community forum not loading or being very slow over the past few days.

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Thats the weird thing. I have strong internet and not much used at home in evening after work and the fact turning off and on works. Was wondering if it was since the new IOS upload as that seems to match. Will do a reset properly but odd only FT app I get issues with.

Oh well, its a 1st world prob as like I said it loads when I turn off and on again :slight_smile:

Yeah I am quite keen to know what is going on with your problem. I know of one “loading” problem (MEGATHREAD: Stock fundamentals 📊 - #92 by bitflip) which I don’t think is an internet/wifi issue.

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