Problem with app - order outage (:freetrade: are working on it)


Don’t seem to be to able buy shares at the moment and chat on app not working?

orders are showing as pending or not even letting me send an order


It is happening to me too. Orders not getting through. Helpdesk contacted, awaiting answer.

Instant sell orders aren’t working either.

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Can’t switch between ISA and GIA, either.

yes messaged as well.

really pissed off. Just missed a couple of % on an execution. Had to go and switch to other brokerage to get a fill

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Hi Guys,

Just to confirm, Google Cloud Platform appears to be having a major outage. We’re doing everything we can to mitigate in the meantime.

Our initial indication is that most services which use DNS are affected intermittently.


I would assume that Freetrade should have contingency/backup system

This kind of thing seems to happen far to frequently

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And what does your second paragraph mean please ?

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I placed an order which has the status “syncing”. It seems I cannot cancel that order “it is not possible to cancel this order as we’re awaiting confirmation …”
Does it mean, I’ll have now absolutely NO control on the price of that order ?

In other words, if the shares will go up or down by +/-50% , what it will be the final price.

Mine was
instant order awaiting confirmation

We haven’t received confirmation that your order has been executed.

Keep an eye on your portfolio to see if it was successful before trying to place the order again. We’ll let you know once we’ve received confirmation.

I think all such orders should be cancelled, might not be interested with +5% :sweat_smile:

Can you be more specific - seems to report everything is ok.

What are your contingency plans here and are you invoking as a workaround?

Occasionally you just get fsckd when all the right things have an issue at the same time, I would hope Freetrade will be having words if it’s a GCP issue.

GCP shows all clear though including DNS.

Look forward to an after action report I hope :slightly_smiling_face:

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I checked Twitter and there are more people complaining on Google Cloud… they just have not updated their status I think


Looks like a bigger problem on GCP than just DNS. Still nowt on their status page though.

Specifically, we’re seeing consistent errors in DNS resolution in our client-facing platform. That means that any network calls using DNS fail (that’s most of them), including internal services or external 3rd parties. This may be a broader network issue - but at least the errors we are receiving indicate DNS issues.

As such, most client actions are currently failing - including login/onboarding, placing orders and Google Pay / Apple Pay / Open Banking deposits. We’re working through this with our GCP rep as best we can via email since we can’t actually submit a ticket through GCP.

On the good news side, the Invest by Freetrade project is in a different GCP region and does not appear to be affected by this - orders that were successfully made before the outage were executed successfully, including today’s batch orders.
These orders will continue to show as SYNCING or QUEUED on your app until the issue is resolved, but have been executed if they were received by Invest. If they were not received by Invest, they should automatically fail once the GCP outage ends and our automatic recovery processes kick in.


Multi-region is the way for HA.

If a different GCP region appears un-affected (as proven with your Invest project) can you failover to that region for the internal services?