Problem with unsettled cash not transferred

Has anyone had trouble with unsettled cash taking a long time to move over to withdrawal cash…
I made a sell transaction on the morning of the 9th march and still waiting for the money to be able to withdraw…have contacted in app chat with not much success…
Any ideas ???
Must admit Im not very happy or impressed with service…

Have had it before, but it always sorted itself out within a couple of hours.
Did you message support in the app?

Ive had a reply and James said he was looking in to it but that was yesterday…ive been waiting for 4 days now…

I have the same problem with shares I sold on Tuesday 10 March so should have gone to withdrawable cash on Friday. Still not done today and chat not very helpful.

I’m really sorry your money is not available to withdraw and you’ve also not received a response from us. :cry:

The money is normally available to withdraw 2 working days after your order was executed. If you could send me a DM on here, I’ll look into why this is.

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I’m sorry about that. :cry: Can you send me a DM also?

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Hi Gemma. Yeah I’ve never had this problem before and all the cash has moved from unsettled cash to withdrawable cash within a couple of days. How do I DM you on here? Thanks

Hi Gemma.

Could you please look into this and let me know why there is a delay.



Click on Gemma’s face icon, then this will pop up:

Click “message” and write your direct message (DM).


Doesn’t have the message icon?

@Gemhappe you’ll have to lead with the DM. Need to be trust level 2 to DM.


Sorted now. Thanks