Problems accessing my account

No thats the worst part i have an account that i aanted to access on my new phone and i haven’t been able to access since the review

I’m having issues with desktop login, the magic link email isn’t coming through to my Gmail inbox

Spam folder maybe?

See reply from the developer here, are you using the same browser?

Nope I’ve checked

Used the same chrome browser, normally comes to inbox instantly but nothing is coming through

That’s weird, maybe they’re working on it.

Any insight @clloyd ?

Hi i am hoping i can get some help on here .i broke my mobile phone .so got a new android phone .i downloaded the freetrade app…but after clicking the email link it took me to set up a new account .i thought i could Change within the app and this was normal .it obviously isnt .i now cant access my upgraded account with all my shares in it as it just takes me to the basic account with nothing .no linked bank no shares as its new .i am desperate to get access to mty premium accouny on my new device
Any help appreciated thanks in advance

You’ll need to use the email address that you used previously.

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Done that and it won’t work .sends Mr to a new account !

Somehow I have ended up with two accounts on the same email I am a premium account holder and need access desperately to my premium account !!it just takes me to a basic account

I dare not delete the basic account incase it effects my premium account as I have lots of shares in my premium account I want to keep surely you can see the account to at their end
My accounts ?

If you’ve logged in and it’s a new account that shows that your first account is probably using a different email address. Email and they should be able to help you

Pretty sure it was set up google email.i did used to have a email but this i no longer have access to .!!must be something thay can do their end .i am pretty sure it was set up with my newer email though anyway .!!i. Ant loose all my shares due to no access to an old email.if that is the case ??

Are you able to recover that email address? If you had any dividend paying stocks, a quick way to check whether th the email is the correct one is if whether you have received dividend emails. If none were received, it’s highly likely it’s the wrong account you are looking at.

You won’t lose them though, they will require proof if the email needs to be changed like this though.

If you are able to though, It would be worthwhile attempting to recover that email address, at the very least to ensure that you have control over it.

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Jimmy i have the ape prefered equity .i cant recoer the email as i am no longer a virgin media customer .i was pretty sure that i used the f mail one though when i set up my account

Jimmy i logged out of the freetrade basic account .then i put my old email adress in and it does not highlight to fo any further .pretty sure i set up the premium account on my gmail.

It is clear from the thread above that there is an issue that you need help with that can’t be easily dealt with on the community forum because we don’t have details of your account. The suggestions made by @JimmyJ are great - and if you can’t make headway with them then I strongly encourage you to email as kindly suggested by @Jamie_B. Support will help you to resolve the problem.

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Managed a response via email with the team .hopefully they. can sort it out for me .they did say dont worry it can be sorted
Thanks for.all the replies everybody