Problems placing orders

I bought £9,879.28 worth of Apple shares on FT . Tried to sell, after the price went up, failed 5 times! I am now watching the price going up while being unable to place an order! I am new to FT and I would like to know if it is going to be as unreliable as my experience so far suggests.


I believe there’s a £10k limit for buy/sell orders. Try to sell up to £9,900 per transaction and see how it goes. Or a few trades on £5k or 6, or 7

If memory serves, the £10k limit is related to taxes or fees that must be paid by the customer when a transaction bigger than £10k is executed. Freetrade chose to put the £10k limit in place, maybe to save us the cost, and perhaps to save them the bureaucracy

Hope this helps


Actually, the deal would have been less than £9,900. I have a feeling it was either an IT glitch or FT buckled under pressure during busy trading time. Not impressed at all. Lost money now, thank you FT! :+1::clap::clap:

Hi Marianthi :wave:

I’m sorry to learn you’ve had this issue with attempting orders. Could you please drop us a message in-app so that we can take a look into why this has happened to you? :pray: