Problems with Limit order execution

Interesting! Do you have a source for this? Seems like it’s an excessive risk to take for free. Don’t see why freetrade wouldn’t use that insane benefit just out of consistency reasons.
How do you know this?


Not sure why you were adding this about a year after the original thread. If you’d actually read the thread, you’d have seen it was an issue, and that it got fixed.

It wasn’t that nobody wanted to sell at that price. The problem was that I had open limit orders that weren’t completing but if I created an additional buy limit order for that stock at a lower price than my already open ones, they would complete but the original ones still wouldn’t. Obviously, in this instance it worked in my favour, but the problem was I often missed windows when the price was below my bid price for hours and the bids were never completing.

As per the thread, Freetrade escalated it with their “partner” and resolved the issue, so not sure why this thread is being commented on again now.

@ralf there were a few threads asking the same question so I merged them into the oldest one. It’s easier when searching to have a few threads and stop multiples from happening in the future. Sam’s reply (before the update) was better than anything anyone else could have written.


Freetrade’s limit order and stop loss haven’t performed for me recently and missed out so just be wary of that rather than a manual approach

I’d definitely sell half manual esp if changing today and put other 5 on stop loss if doing that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Remember the ones (divs) I told you about :heart::+1:t2:


I’ve thought the same recently. In the past I’ve always convinced myself it was just large spreads or poor liquidity, but recently it seems different. I’ve even managed to place manual orders at better prices whilst my limits just sit there failing to execute :roll_eyes:


I’ve also had really inconsistent limit order execution lately.

My limits have been set at the ask price and haven’t executed. Market buys seems to be going through fine.

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Thanks for mentioning that as I thought it was me! Reported it to freetrade and they basically said nobody is selling there share or buying any?

And wasn’t happy with that answer so what’s the point in having limit orders? Esp if I’m paying for it and we are talking like massive drop in share price waiting to execute!!

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That’s how the market works, Freetrade aren’t buying or selling your shares

Please include the tickers, times, and values when saying an order didn’t execute, some stocks have low liquidity and wide spreads, the prices you see aren’t necessarily the prices your orders will execute at, it’s generally the midpoint between the spread

If someone is only selling 100 shares at your limit price and you have an order in for 200 shares, then it’s not going to fill; if other people have orders queued before yours, then they’ll execute and the price may rise again before it gets to you

Google, Trading View etc may have ‘live’ prices but these are provided without any guarantee they’re 100% accurate to the penny and don’t show spreads


I fully understand the way the market works and I am saying based on my experience that limit orders have been inconsistent lately (maybe past month or so). I’ve also been able to see the L2 data on several orders.

It’s worth highlighting if we are having issues, last year a defect was found because people highlighted it in this thread.

Based on Sam’s explanation above, a defect would likely sit with the third parties and not actually Freetrade.

I’ll see if I can do an investigation next time :+1:

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Yes you are right there was a bug that got fixed because someone raised the issue and provided relevant information for investigation.

@BobC’s comment is correct some people don’t understand that neither a limit order nor a stop loss order is guaranteed to be executed.

As you very well know when an order sits on the order book it sits there in a queue and someone can preferentially choose some other order to fill. Thus we get into murky territory when diagnosing whether a problem really exists or not … the key point is that @ralf was able to talk specifics.

Based on the way my limit orders have been executing over the past year with Freetrade, I have concluded (for myself – based only on my own experience) that:

  1. The longer the time since the order was placed, the less chance it will execute - i.e. newer orders are filled before older orders.
  2. The above seems to apply more to selling than buying.
  3. Some limit orders never get executed if the price quickly moves through that price level - this fits with Freetrade’s mention that the market makers will not fill a ‘touch price’ - only orders where the price holds at a level for a certain period of time.
  4. Stop losses execute with no issues regardless of age because they are a market order (better profit for market makers)

I now trade around the above inconsistencies - for example - I set a price alert for when a stock nears the limit sell order, and when the alert fires, I cancel and re-set the sell limit order. I then set another price alert above the sell limit order - if the limit didn’t execute, then I just accept I have to cancel the limit order and go for a market order.


Yes, I’d say that fits in almost exactly with my own experiences.

Example of point 1. I set up an order for MXC last week at 1.08GBX. I’d already lowered from 1.1GBX as the price was dropping and my trade hadn’t executed. It’s sat there until today at 1.08 with the price at 1.0. I’ve cancelled, input a new order at the lower price of 1.05, and it’s filled instantly at 1.04.


I’d recommend that you email with his example and ask for an investigation and an explanation. They should be able to work with their partners to trace the events.

I can speculate about what happened - however, it would better if Freetrade investigates and finds out exactly whether the system worked as it should or there is a bug.


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I just had a limit sell price expire and auto-execute at a much lower price than I stipulated. Way below the price I had set. Anyone else had this happen? How is it even possible when you set a specific limit?

Just to clarify… My limit sell price auto-executed as it expired at a much lower price than I stipulated. 180,000 shares at 25% lower than i stipulated and a 20% loss to what I paid. It looks like the price had gone up somewhere but not in the app. So although I had fixed a particular price and my sale triggered, it gave me 20% less as the app takes a while to catch up. If this is a glitch for everyone then I would say this is a serious glitch.

That’s not the case - the price in the app is not related to the live bid and ask that you’ll receive upon buying and selling.
If you had a limit sell set low relative to the price today, there’s a chance the market makers could trigger it but at a lower price depending on how quickly they moved the price up.
Personally I don’t leave limit sells live for this reason.

Regardless or timing, the numbers on the contract note did not add up.

Was it a stop loss? There’s no way a limit sell order should execute for less than the stated price.

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