Procure Space ETF

This is the type of stocks I get excited about and is different to anything currently on freetrade.
Here is link to details:

Yep, I think these are exactly the sort of things Freetrade should be targeting. Have you seen any other UK brokers offering it yet?

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Unfortunately Gareth didn’t find any Uk source. The fund only start on 11 April.

Here is link to fund full details:

Yes please.

I think this is one of the biggest challenges to FreeTrade’s growth - when potential users scout out the platform, they want to see it has an attractice selection of securities.

Being seen as missing the top trends or only having big blue chip stocks is something they should try and avoid.

Hey Stephen, I have checked with HL, they do not offer UFO, which I believe is due its USD denomination without a UCITS equivalent. Simply speaking, they do not comply with EU’s MiFID regulations and hence cannot be offered in the EU.

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Thanks Vlad I’m a complete beginner and most of that went over my head lol ,but I did understand.
appreciate you looking into it so quickly for me.
Would be interested in the artificial intelligence funds, future tech funds etc
If these could be brought onboard.
If possible should help satisfy some of my excitement for this type of investment opportunity’s
Many Thanks

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Some lists of interest

From the list you showed, Robo Global (£ROBG) is available via Freetrade already. Hopefully more will follow once the investment platform is created :wink:

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Thanks Vlad didn’t notice that.
Just a pity its one of the worst performing funds.
But will keep than eye on it.

Ah, hopefully they will be MIFID compliant soon then!